About Us

The Dragon’s Nest is an online academy and community designed to help business owners create the foundation and acquire the skills to build, sustain, and scale their business. 


There’s nothing more satisfying than creating something. I created The Dragon’s Nest for business owners that are ready to take a front seat to the way they’re doing business and looking to create change that generates growth.

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To provide small business owners with flexible and applicable online learning opportunities that will help them acquire the knowledge, skills, and best practices necessary for building and scaling towards greatness.

No business owner can escape the countless free webinars, templates, and ‘all-in-one’ bundle offers that pop up every time they’re searching for the right thing to do for their business. The Dragon’s Nest is designed to help entrepreneurs get the material and the skills they need without the fluff. 

Core Values

The core values of our organization embody the guiding principles from which we perform, work, and conduct ourselves.

Entrepreneurial Spirit. We are not afraid to take risks, push boundaries, be bold, stand proud, and always be willing to learn something new.

Passion. We set out to inspire, empower, and engage others to take control and take action.

Finding the change in challenges. Every obstacle is an opportunity to develop ourselves and mold our perception of the world around us.

Create Value. We are here to improve the lives of our customers.

Accountability. We are the creators of our own situation, destination, and acceleration.


Meet The Instructors

John Aston

Web Development Instructor

Erika Mina

Mobile Development Instructor

Amy Rose

Machine Learning Instructor

Adrian Cruz

Data Science Instructor


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