Marketing Strategy Essentials

Course Description

A solid marketing strategy not only benefits the business but can also improve the relationship and culture of the entire organization. Business owners who put in the time and energy to build a marketing strategy create an opportunity to instill the values of their organization to develop a focused and aligned work culture. Through video and hands-on activities, business owners consider the differences between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan, create a unique selling proposition, shape metric-driven goals, and analyze how they measure up against the competition.

What You’ll Learn

  • Have an understanding of the starter coponents of a marketing strategy
  • The difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan
  • Learn how to create buyer personas
  • Results driven objectives
  • Researching your competition

About the Instructor

I have spent the last five years helping aspiring business owners develop well-defined strategies to get their businesses off the ground. My background is in education, mostly mathematics, so you could say that systems are kind of my thing.

I’ve spoken at Conference 21 and offered training for speaking, engineering, and networking organizations.

Tarletta Williams

Marketing Strategy